Stealing cherry :)


Using harness has lots of advantages than collar…

  • No strain on the neck - In years collar may cause serious concern such as breathing problems, gagging and skin damage. But harness is distribute pressure from the leash along chest and back.
  • Reduce leash pulling - For high energy dogs, harness helps restrain the dog with fitting chest and back. 
  • Won’t aggravate medical conditions - For medical conditions such as callapsed trachea, spinal cord injuries or Wobbler syndrome, using collar may be highly dangerous.
  • Greater security - Especially for small breeds, harness is difficult to slip out.
  • Comfort - If not adjusting the collar frequently, it can easily become too tight and uncomfortable :(


Even though it’s all with dog pics, it’s so good for offices too!

Minik was on 2014 and he’s selected for 2015 Giller Dog Calendar too :)

Congratulations Minik!


In summers, as a dog owner we have to take care of them for not to effect from sun! And never forget… we have shoes and clothes but they have just hairly bodies and little paws…

  • Before 0800 am and after 600 pm is the best for walking :)
  • Always have a bottle of water while walking!
  • Use air conditioner or fans to increase air circulation and making room cooler!
  • Make them cold with being wet or wet wrap!
  • If they are apathetic, breathness, tongue out or start whining, be careful about heat stroke :(  
  • Call veterinary service if still not cooling down :(


As parents of Minik… we had similar things… and for not to get into trouble more, just moved and solved the issue… but for Wolfie it’s not that much easy :(

He is a handsome husky who is living in Istanbul, Turkey… the unlucky part is he has epilepsy for about 2 years… At that time he was just two and was living inside the home, but his crises got worse by time so he had to live at garden for not to hurt himself… but the problem is his neighbours not want him to stay at garden although he did nothing to them :( :( :(

Don’t know why people that much cruel to them… but believe me dogs are so much better than people… and they (for Wolfie it’s more) need their family a lot… just like you’re!

You can check for Wolfie’s videos on his youtube channel:

Update - Neighbours took step back with knowing all support of Wolfie… and ‘for now’ letting him to stay at garden… Plus allow his parents to make a better area for him too :) So very good news from him… and hope will have more good news about his health too!


Even though they’re our son/girl, sometimes they love to play rough, stress or aggression come up… so here is first aid to dog bites:

  • Save yourself - Should stay away from them in case further attack or injury…
  • Clean - Should wash with tap water in case of any infection…
  • Shots - If it’s not your dog, try to get information about dog’s rabies immunization status…
  • Medical care - If there is a significant damage beneath the skin, seek medical care :(


Sleep, eat, colour, day-night…at the end…



Here is my little boy…

  • Independent - Should be walked on leash to prevent them from running off to explode :(
  • Play with kids - Although they are affectionate toward and protective of children, they’re better suited for homes with older children because they can be injured during rough play :)
  • Happy - Not recommended for homes where they’ll receive little attention or will be left alone for long periods because they always need to be with family for being happy :(
  • Intelligent - But may be stubborn when it comes to obeying commands!
  • Bold - Even most of times good with other dogs or people, have amazing encourage when they’re protective! 
  • Watchdog - Barking can be happen if they’re bored, people come to door or when they hear something suspicious. That makes them great watchdogs!